Packaging Machines for Paste Soup Cube

FD 220 / C

Corazza FD 220/C, overhauled by DAKY PACK, are machines for packaging soft soup cubes that have found a great success since their production in the early 1960. The FD220 dispense products directly and simultaneously in two paper cups, aluminum alufoil coating parchment, formerly moulded with "Portfolio" style. Through the final pressing the cube is pushed on the output tape that connects the moulding with the cartoner.

FD220/C is a packaging machine for soft soup cubes in paste of the COMPACT type, that is to say produced in a unique block which comprises the moulding machine with the cartoner. The socket punch is taken from a warehouse and deposited over the burden of cubes formed previously. The closure of the carton is of the wrap around type and sealing by means of glue takes place with the double exit belt system which guarantees the drying, and consequently the closure.