Packaging Machines for Paste Soup Cube

SC 23 / C

The SC 23 machine has been designed and built to make paste soup cubes and it is the machine that has been most successful and still has no rivals today. The specificity of this machine is the best solution between cost, size, resources needed for its use and high production capacity The product loaded directly into the hopper is simultaneously dosed in two paper cups previously moulded with "Portfolio" style. Through the final pressing the cube is pushed on the output. Among its peculiarities is the ability to measure a wide range of pastes. This compact machine is a mono block with the cartoner. The socket punch is taken from a warehouse and deposited over the burden of cubes formed previously. The closure with vinyl glue occurs with the wrap around system.

The SC 23/C machines are NEW packaging machines by DAKY Pack, for soft paste cubes for soups. Thanks to its experience in overhauling this type of machine, DAKY Pack is able to produce a similar pattern with substantial and fundamental changes aligned with the new technologies and demands of the modern market. Among these we can mention some of the most significant:

  • Electrical panel in line with regulations
  • Materials in contact with the food product certificates
  • Brushless motor to facilitate changeovers
  • Food Lubricants
  • Manuals
  • CE Certification

The cartoner of SC 23/C, supplementing the packaging in cartons of bouillon cubes, is the part of the machine that has undergone a greater number of innovations. The frequent format changes require modern and flexible machines and have led to the use brushless motors and numeration of size parts.