DAKY Pack has developed excellent expertise in the specific service of an important niche market: the overhaul.

In fact , the needs of the market are urgent, to bring new life to machines for the packaging of wrapped products of small dimensions that are not the most efficient, but that retain a quality and an unquestionable technological content: Corazza, Fette, Sapal, Benhill, Kustner, etc.

The overhaul activity of DAKY Pack includes:

  • Dismantling of each component
  • Verification of each mechanical component, heat and surface treatment
  • Unconditional replacement of each commercial component
  • Production of all worn parts, broken or simply no longer comply with the current standards
  • Renewal of each surface and heat treatment, blasting and painting
  • Unconditional replacement of the electrical system, with modern components
  • Any mechanical Update
  • Mechanical and electric assembling of the machine
  • Vacuum Testing
  • Testing with product

Le Macchine revisionate sono condizionate in base alla disponibilità.
Le offerte sono ritenute valide con la clausola salvo venduto.

Alcuni esempi di macchine ricondizionate

Macchina dei dadi in pasta prima della revisione
Macchina dei dadi in pasta dopo la revisione
Macchina prima della revisione
Macchina dopo la revisione
Macchina linea per lievito prima della revisione
Macchina linea per lievito dopo la revisione