On-site assistance

DAKY Pack has always followed step-by-step its customers from sales to installation/testing, their own lines / packaging machines, at the customer's production site.

DAKY Pack also has developed an excellent expertise in these services: overhaul, upgrade of mechanics and electronics, improved production flow and certifications. Thanks to these activities, DAKY Pack is able to be alongside our customers directly on the field to express our excellence in defining the activities to be done to solve the critical issues.

The on-site Assistance service consists of dedicated personnel trained over the years in the company and with our customers. Our staff listens to the request and shall monitor and coordinate all of the process in order to have an overview of the problems and their solutions. The support team is always available to travel at the production site of the customer to verify the various aspects: mechanical electrical/electronic and spare parts. All this in order to ensure a fast and. customized solution for each problem.

Contact us to resolve critical situations, we will evaluate the state of the art and find the right solution.

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