Spare Parts and Third-Party Management

Spare parts

Many years of experience in the production and overhaul of machines allows DAKY Pack to support the Customer in the demand forspare parts, even if they are intended for machines made by competitors: Corazza, Fette, Sapal, Benhill, and Kustner.

It is significant the experience gained directly into the African market (CFW area). DAKY Pack has since many years a collaboration with a leading multi-national, active in the production of soup cubes and tablets.


In-House Production

Our in-house production allows us to oversee every phase of the process, from design to the final assembly of components. This enables us to quickly adapt to our customers' needs and provide customized solutions for their machines. Additionally, we ensure that all spare parts undergo rigorous quality checks to guarantee full compliance and perfect functionality.

Our company specializes in producing spare parts compatible with machinery from leading manufacturers of automatic packaging machines such as Fette, Sapal, Kustner, Corazza, and Benhill."


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