About us

Small wrap big care

DAKY Pack is an Italian company, with headquarters in Bologna Packaging Valley, which designs, manufactures, installs, tests and overhauls machines and lines dedicated to the packaging of paste soup cubes and pressed soup cubes, yeast, butter and margarine, processed cheese.

DAKY Pack:

  • offers a wide range of solutions, in terms of flexibility and speed;
  • produces the entire range of machines that form the primary and secondary packaging lines;
  • customize their machines, to meet the Customer's marketing guidelines;
  • supports the customers, improving their operational efficiency and allow them to acquire and retain market share, increasing competitive advantage;
  • maintains the machines for packaging, throughout their life cycle.


DAKY Pack wants to become a leader in the global market of the automatic machines for the packaging of wrapped products of small dimensions, distinguishing itself in the realization of more and more simple machines, which produce at higher speeds and in a sustainable mode, qualitatively better packaging.


DAKY Pack sources of activity are:

  • the relationship with its customers, DAKY Pack listens and can offer to them the skills acquired over decades of experience;
  • R&D, through which the company pursues innovation in packaging machinery, applying to its design the values of sustainability and respect for the environment;
  • Their Shareholders, rooted in the so-called Bologna Packaging Valley, with whom DAKY Pack develops collaborative relationships marked on fairness and reciprocity.

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