Send us your machine, DAKY Pack will be able to perform a full or partial overhaul and will be able to return it within 3 maximum 4 months.

DAKY Pack is the company that can replace old parts and machine groups with new and overhauled ones, utilizing the technical improvements that have been developed thanks to our experience in this specific business.

DAKY Pack can reduce the production stop needed for overhaul, replacing the customer machine with an equivalent and buying your old machine.

When conditions so require, we can assist our customers in the partial overhaul (at your establishment) thanks to DAKY Pack specialists. In this way, you can also get some important benefits such as: no shipping costs, reduced overall costs and finally a reduction in waste of time.

DAKY Pack is an important player for brokerage of USED machines in the Food industry in Italy and abroad. Operating with a warehouse stocked with machines in stock available to customers in order to provide the most appropriate solution, DAKY Pack is the natural partner for selling your used machines, to overhaul and modify the machine to new production requirements.

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