Press Machines

Daky Pack’s Presses are the core of the process and are located upstream in the production line. Daky Pack designed two types of press with different production capacity. Changing the number of punches we can vary the maximum output of the machine, from approximately 500 to 800 cubes/tablets/min.

Daky Pack’s Press can be equipped with a new product feeding system (screw cochlea) in order to guarantee a constant powder pressure into the machine hopper.

A Level Control is installed into the press hopper, guarantees the proper powder quantity, according production speed.

The Press forms then the product into tablets or cubes, depending on customer request. Then through a controlled conveyor the products are then fed to theWrapping Machine.

All our machines are provided with:
  • Electrical panel in accordance with in force regulations.
  • Product Level Control for Hopper automatic feeding.
  • Inverter controlled main machine drive.
  • Touchscreen HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • Speed control.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Hopper with cochlea and cover to avoid foreign body fall in the mass.
  • All part in contact with product are food grade.
  • Safety protection according to CE rules.


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