VPA60 Display Packer Machine

The VPA is a new Display Packer machine designed by Daky Pack for soup paste cubes.
The Display Packer is completely automatic, driven by mechanical and pneumatic movements.

The machine wraps soup’s cubes boxes arriving from a cartoning machine.
The cartoner packaging starts from an open blank carton closed with a wrap around system glued with hot melt.

The machine is driven by three electric motors: one machine motor, two for feeding and outlet belts and by mechanical controls - thus allowing the cases to be formed. These cases contain regular, small and large sized products.

All our machines are provided with:
  • Electrical panel in accordance with in force regulations.
  • Level control system for pre glued carton feeder.
  • All part in contact with product are food grade..
  • Automatic oil lubrication of the mechanical equipment inside the machine.
  • Inverter controlled main machine driver.
  • Touchscreen HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • Speed control.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Safety guards according to CE rules.

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