UMB Dosing Wrapping Machine

The UM-B is a new packaging machine designed by DAKY PACK for butter portions, representing a best seller for small and medium producers worldwide.

Thanks to a long term experience, DAKY PACK has been improving the UM-B technologies following the demands of the modern market. This machine is the best solution in terms of costs, sizes and resources needed for its use.

The paste, loaded directly into the hopper, is dosed in two paper cups at time, previously moulded, then folded "Portfolio" style. Through the final pressing the folded cubes are pushed on the exit belt in two rows. This machine is able to manage a wide range of cube sizes.

  • Compact footprint.
  • Lubrication for life (“dry” machine bottom, means no oil consumption, no risk of stuck in lubrication pipes).
  • Modern servo driven doser which significantly reduces the Standard Deviation (big product amount saving).
  • Possibility of automatic weight correction (option with a check weigher with TREND correction).
  • Double wrapping film holder with semi automatic reel change - splicing (option).
  • Bigger reel size, thus guaranting higher rate of efficiency.
  • Maintenance friendly (TPM).
  • Increased cost saving for maintenance.
  • 4.0 Industry compatible (IT connection compatible).


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